What’s next for Bobby Beretta


 8/2/21 Silent Broski

After a crushing loss in a title match against Black Lavender, Bobby Beretta who was thought to be the entire Anarchy franchise all by himself must sit and ponder what's next. Beretta put on a less than stellar performance that lasted just 8 mins inside Hell in a cell, was 100% pitiful. 

 Black Lavender proved to be way to much for Bobby to handle on this day ,but we will see what the next chapter has to offer in Beretta's quest for gold.


 SGNHUB Anarchy Wrestler Pay per view 
                 August 20th 2021

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7/17/21 Match Results

Main Event

Black Lavender Defeated Bobby Beretta


LBS Defeated Andre Hunter

Chase Colton Defeated CacoDemon

DJ Herc Defeated Casur

Ono Shedent Defeated Votta

Tag Team

The Fallen Defeated Rush Hour

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Anarchy Wrestling


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 SGNHUB Anarchy tag team tournament  
                     july 22nd 2021

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Independence Day Brawl Results


The Good Ole Boys  Defeat The Fallen


The Tribe  Defeat  Dynamics


The Hip Hop Express Defeat DDT


Bueno Lucha Defeat The Youngblood


The next round of the Independence Day Brawl will take place 7/29/21 on the SGNHUB Youtube channel! 



  The SGN Tag Team Championship will be decided over the course of this 2 week event and the Champion Match will take place on Show# 5 of SGNHUB Anarchy follow the action of this Event every Thursday @ 7pm Est. 

Unaired triple threat match from 7/17/21

Lord Adrian vs Smiling Serpent vs Tony Mascaras

 SGNHUB Anarchy Every Friday @ 6pm EST


Last shot for wwe2K? With other         titles entering the arena


by Silent Broski

   It hits different… But will it really with a lackluster performance in 2K20? After they canceled the making of 2K21 and a miserable attempt at WWE 2K battleground the WWE 2K franchise hopes to return to glory with this installment of 2K22. Since the separation of WWE games and Yukes the game has indeed hit different. With the loss of GM mode, the road to wrestlemania modes and constant game crashes 2K is definitely on the hot seat.  with trying to be the king of wrestling, With there being 11 other wrestling titles on the horizon and with real basic engine animations, incomplete promo show design and customization. From a new untitled game to AEW already on steam to project Joshi’s anticipated debut with their take on the story side of wrestling of endgame match play With a turn base style RPG. In ultraviolence coming with the death Match concept