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8/15/21 Quozzy91

 Brings you all the information users need for the upcoming CCFL Season! Buckle up folks it's gonna be a fun ride!!


by CoachSkii on July 01

To start off, CCFL has made its core beliefs off what its name stands for. CCFL stands for Chess not Checkers Football League. Just like the real life game of football we expect our league to be as complicated as Chess and our gameplay to reflect as such.

We’ve built our core group of members and commissioners that really reflect what Sim Football should play like. After 3 Seasons in Madden NFL 21 CCFL hopes its new features will line up and work in the new Madden coming this fall.

CCFL’s Gameplay Features

The first, most intriguing feature we’re bringing to next season is the all new Real-Sim Camp’s based on a lengthy algorithm that helps balance teams and gives players realistic boost’s based on what archetype that player goes to camp for. These boosts are based on multiple factors, players age, overall, and the teams total overall. This means younger lower overall players on lower rated rosters will be getting a far larger boost from camps then a higher rated older player on a good roster would get.

The next feature we’re bringing into full effect next season to encourage players to play more of a sim style is the Player Star Rating feature, where you will be giving feedback after every game on how you’re opponent played, whether that be super sweaty mut 1 star rating or they played you realistically which would give 5 stars. Also, you would give them a reason why you rated them as such in the remarks tab. This feature is meant to give instant feedback on how players need to change their gameplay to fit our heavy real-sim playstyle. 


The last feature we will be discussing in this post will be our all new Custom Dev Scenarios. As Madden has shown us, at least in this year's Madden, their dev scenario is random and bland. With our new feature we will periodically go through the league and post realistic events in our #custom_dev_scenarios discord channel on goals your player can achieve to get their development trait upgraded. These will range from a single game goal to a multi-week goal. For example if I have an over-performing rookie in the first four weeks of the year it would make sense that his goal was to continue being consistent over a few more games, rather than a one game performance.

Goals of the CCFL

The first Goal of CCFL is for the player to have an enjoyable real football experience. This means making sure each game is played as realistically and as sportsmanlike as possible. Also, we understand as fellow gamers that banter is inevitable, we just ask you follow each of our chat boards rules for how you conduct yourself in said chat rooms.

Another Goal of CCFL is for realistic Stats, This goal is very simple at its core, we believe breaking NFL records is a once in a lifetime occurrence, not an every-season one. This means certain players might have their stats limited for the achievement of this goal. Members who have players suspended will be reimbursed for that players suspension, but that reimbursement is for commissioners to decide.

The last Goal that will be discussed on this post is our goal for you, the (potential) member of our league, to keep our league catered to you, this means implementation of member voted features that you would like to see in our league. As well as, implementing rewards you would like to see be given out.

I plan to see you all on the Gridiron!


By SmokinJay


 We here at SGNHUB are committed to providing the BEST Madden CFM experience an owner/user can have on the PC. This is why we have incorperated rewards and staff created perks that make our Leagues worth participating in. The first questions I would imagine that everyone would ask is, "Why is there a $4.99 monthly fee to play in SGNHUB Leagues,"and "Why would I pay $4.99 a month to participate in a League?". Let's start of by answering the 1st question. SGNHUB ran leagues supply owners/users with actual rewards. Examples below.


Superbowl Champions receive:

Real Trophy (Valued @ $160)
$50 Gift certificate
Official SGNHUB Hoody of their Choice!

In-game Rewards:
SGNHUB Staff created Atrribute boosts to player/players

AFC & NFC Champion receive:
Real Trophy (Valued @ $40)
Official SGNHUB T-Shirt of their Choice.

In-game Rewards:
SGNHUB Staff created Atrribute boosts to player/players

 Now, to answer the second question. Our leagues are SIM based and a lot of work and monitoring goes into maintaining the CCFL(Chess not Checkers Football League)brand. We have a team of highly qualified commissioners who have made it their job to implement rules, adjust sliders, create content with RPG elements, and provide an overall enjoyable experience for all of our league members. CCFL also has it's own website and weekly Podcast that allows players to become even more immersed in our Leagues. Owners/Users will be invited onto podcast to be interviewed just like in the real NFL. We also have Games of the Week that will be streamed live in Discord and broadcasted on Youtube. All of our Playoff games are proffesionally announced and also broadcasted on Youtube. So as you can see our team is dedicated in giving YOU the user the best top notch Madden CFM experience anywhere on the internet! 























Why would i pay to play in a cfm?

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