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return of the king!


8/1/21 by Smokinjay

 If you happen to be a FPS fan that bought the original Xbox in 2001 then you know what game most likely made you or your parents buy that console. Yes, almost beyond the shadow of a doubt it was Halo:Combat Evolved. This ground breaking game turned the FPS genre on it's head with it's graphics, story and epic soundtrack! Who here hasnt been in their car driving with that epic " da da da dah"!!playing in their head as you imagine your car to be a Warthog, or for you younger gamers who recreated an epic moment with your matchbox cars or Halo toys playing that soundtrack? The impact that the game left on a generation of gamers is undeniable and now the undisputed King is about to make his return in spectacular fashion!


  Before I talk about what's coming, I would like to speak on where Halo has been. In my opinion the initial trilogy of games are the ones that defined a console and a generation of gamers. It's very difficult to even conceive of where the Xbox would be without this title. For starters the original controller for the Xbox was as big as a newborn child and the console itself was enormous, but back during the holidays of 2001 it was the most coveted system and Halo was one of the reasons why. I have fond memories of watching my youngest son playing Halo against his brothers on a LAN hookup in their grandmothers basement. They would invite their friends over, all of them bringing their TV's and huge Xbox systems and play for hours with that epic soundtrack, the sound of plasma rifles, and assault rifles blaring from the basement.


  This was the beginning of something for the console generation! PC gamers had already for years experienced the joy of LAN parties and had moved on to the joy of dial-up internet gaming many years before. But, this game Halo with it's second release in the initial trilogy...Brother, man let me tell ya somethin!! took console player's by storm with it's online multiplayer and not only that, but the campaign was top notch!! Finish the fight with the low piano and violin playing almost brings a tear to my joke. So we can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that Halo was a game changer, which brings us to now, today, here in this moment the undisputed King is about to make his return to grab the crown.

 Halo Infinite is almost upon us, and it's promising a lot, another adventure with the Master Chief and a Free multiplayer mode that the studio claims will be robust and innovative. I for one am very excited to see what this installment of the Halo series has to offer and after so many years of being out of the lime light can this game deliver? So many fans out there in anticipation are silently playing that epic soundtrack in their heads ready for the release and hopeful return of the King!! once again as the piano and violin's time to finish the fight! 


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