Trey Lance Shouldn't Play Right Now

I am a diehard Niner fan and I absolutely love Trey Lance, but he shouldn't start week 1. He's completed 20 passes in the past 530 something days. That's not his fault, his team only played one game last year but it does speak to the amount of work that needs to be done for him to be an NFL ready QB. If they throw him out before he's ready, his confidence could be crushed and we could waste what was essentially a player that cost us 3 first round picks. He looks like he has all the talent in the world, looked decent in his first NFL action last Saturday but he doesn't look ready. Hopefully, he'll be ready later in the season and get some important reps in, or if Jimmy G goes down (likely). Best case scenario is that Jimmy G plays lights and raises his trade value. Lance continues to grow into a solid player and eventually becomes ready to play. In that world, we get a high pick for Jimmy, and Lance leads us to the playoffs. As a fan, I really hope this happens.

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