Taco's Madden 22 League.

Information: The league will be started on the 12th with invites going out as people get the game. The first season of the LEAGUE will be free, but after the first season we will be moving to the paid subscription method (see season pass). This will give you access to our other paid leagues in madden 22 and NBA 2k. Rules: We will be lax with rules, but in keeping with the SGN Hub views on creating a fun, non-toxic environment we will not allow bullying or talking down to other people. It's a game, have fun, trash talk, but be respectful. The official rules and setting of the franchise will be in the discord server. Again- first season free, and than it's moving behind the season pass. If you get the season pass early, you will be rewarded with a surprise. Winners of the league win prize's with more information coming on that as we get near the start of the 22 Madden football season. If you have any question of comments, drop em below. IMPORTANT: To be able to get the free invite, the player must have a profile on this website.

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