MADDEN 22 Recap

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

We have a wonderful article on the homepage describing smokingjay's thoughts on Madden, and i'd like to share mine. My experience with the game thus far is mostly in online H2h, trying to get a feel for how the game is, what's broken, and what's different. WHAT'S BETTER

They fixed a lot of the issues with the old madden by slowing the game down. Linebackers now have a purpose and you don't feel much difference between a mid 80 speed and low 90 speed player on defense. This allows for the user to have a bigger impact on the game on defense and make's gameplay a little more fun. Linebackers animate: THANK GOD. No longer will we have to sub safeties in our Nickle package hoping for better interception animations. I've played with Bucs linebacker D. White and he appears to get the same animations as a safety. The passing game feels more realistic. It's simple, flows well, and the old metta cheese that worked last year isn't as powerful. For now, people running shotgun bunch are going to be looking at a lot of picks. The new amount of plays is fun and sure to keep gamers on their toes. I've liked what i've seen so far, but in my time playing H2H I can usually guess the plays because people are picking older plays they're familiar with. TIP: Pick new plays people. WHAT'S WORSE

The run game. It's AWFUL, the acceleration for RB's is absolutely terrible and render players like Ronald Jones ineffective. It's not impossible to run, it's just much harder than Madden 21, and takes a bit to get used to. The one good thing is RB's do get great animations when they are tackled to get those extra yards. Yes offense feel's more balanced and that's great.....But, now any receiver with XF or SS abilities feels way to over powered. It's fun to use these receivers, but I'd hate to be on the other end. SPEED. Somehow my 89 speed safety was able to keep up with T. Hill on the chiefs and make up yards for an int. I don't know how this is a thing, but speed players will no longer be the meta. I'm personally a little sad, but also kind of happy. This means we have to change how we play, an exciting aspect considering most of the people playing Madden 21 towards the end ran the same cheese. It's nice for now, until someone figures out the new meta cheese. The music. Usually I turn the music to zero as soon as I get the game. This year I wanted to see how it was and I'm not a fan. This doesn't mean everyone will dislike it, i'm sure it's popular with a lot of players but it didn't do anything for me. Playing Regs h2h, one of the most annoying things can be when you're winning a game and your opponent pauses the game. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't be a big deal, but there's a glitch in the game. Every time you pause online, you get a dsync where it records no stats. This will hopefully be fixed soon, but until than it's broken.

More updates on the gameplay and thoughts as I get more hours in. #madden22 #NFL #maddengaming

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