It's Almost Football Season

One more day until we can officially say football is back. The most exciting time of the year is just around the corner and teams are rounding into form. Some of the most notable things that have happened in training camp across the league this year are the return of star players.

Joe Burrow is back in Cincinnati behind the same line that helped him tear his ACL last year. Reports are saying that the offense this thus far has failed to click, with Burrow looking uncomfortable in the pocket. This is probably due to the fact that his offensive line isn't beating the Bengals defensive line in practice, which is worrisome considering some of the amazing defensive fronts they'll be playing to start the season. Considering Burrow looked like one of the best young QB's in the league last year before injury, here's to hoping that he stays upright so we can all enjoy this young mans success.

In San Francisco, the return of Jimmy G has been overshadowed by number 3 overall pick Trey Lance. Videos of Lance slinging the ball around have been going viral for the sheer power and ease behind some of his throws. While head coach Kyle Shanahan says Jimmy G is entrenched as the number one QB, reports have said Lance looks a lot closer to being ready than a lot of pundits predicted. This puts the Niners in a great position with two quality quarterbacks on the roster. Their best case scenario would be Jimmy G starting out the season red hot to boost his trade value. The would allow them to move his contract and use the 20 plus million of cap space they'd save in a trade to resign their younger talent. As a Die Hard Niner fan I just want to see us win, but if Lance can play as good as he's looked through training camp- we're all in for a very fun year

One player who won't be back for the start on the season is Carson Wentz. After injuring his foot at the beginning of camp, reports are that he'll be out for 5-12 weeks and may start the season on the physically unable to preform (PUP) list. The colts have two inexperienced starters behind Wentz which isn't ideal when you have one of the best defenses in the NFL. This has led to speculation that the Colts could be a potential landing sport for Jaguars 3rd string QB and Superbowl winner Nick Foles. Foles played for Indy's head couch during his magical season with the Eagles and recently came out and said he'd only want to play for coaches that he's comfortable with. This late in his career, he doesn't want to start over with a new coach learning a new system and said playing for Frank Reich was one of the more enjoyable times in his career. While the Colts did give up a lot of draft capital for Wentz, they need to think about getting a proven QB behind center for the start of the season. The best ability in the NFL is ability, and that's something that Foles has shown he can do better than Wentz consistently. Will history repeat itself in Indy? It appears that way.

Photo By: NBC Sports Will Nick Foles take Wentz's starting job again? What training Camp stories or battles do you want to hear about? When will Trey Lance surpass Jimmy G and can the Bengals O-line keep Burrow Healthy. Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you like the blog drop a like and a share!

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