Who are the true contenders 4 games in?


Oct 5, 2021

We are at what would usually be known as the quarter mark of the NFL Season under the old 16 game slate. So, I think now is just as good as anytime to access where teams are at and take a look at who "seems" to be legit contenders at this moment.

But, before we rank our current Top 5 teams lets look at the "works-in-progress" divisions and see what teams could rise to the top by seasons end to participate in the BIG DANCE.

NFC SOUTH: this division would appear to only have one team outside of The Brady Bunch in Tompa that could possibly compete, and that team in my opinion would be the Saints, yeah I know they just lost to the NY Giants, but Mr. Barkely is back in business. So just hear me out 1st, Sean Peyton has shown himself to be an offensive guru and the Saints have just enough on both sides of the ball to make a push for the division title come late November. 2-2 is not an impossible record to come back from when Tompa Brady is only sporting a 3-1 record. The Saints next 4 games are (Washington, Seattle, Tompa Brady & Atlanta) all very winnable games, as none of these teams have shown to be complete football teams. The Saints could be the sleeper squad in the NFC South.

NFC EAST: ??????? Yeah outside of the Cowboys it's rock, paper, scissors here. I really want to say the WFT but I can't, this division always ends up more like WTF.

NFC WEST: I will never doubt a Russell Wilson lead team....Never and I can definitely see them getting thing clicking sooner rather than later. Let's not overlook the new kids on the block the Stafford lead Rams and the Kyler Cardinals, so yeah the old man in Seattle is gonna have to go deep in his bag of tricks this season.

NFC NORTH: I start this by saying I'm 100% bias here as a Chicago Bears fan, but let's be honest, it would appear that the Packers are still the kings of the hill in this division. Hopefully the Bears and Vikings can make it interesting down the stretch.

AFC EAST: Well there's the Bills and a lot of sub-par football teams here, yeah that's right...sorry New England keeping it close with Brady doesn't qualify you.

AFC WEST: This in my opinion is the CURRENT top division in the NFL as any one of these teams could win it (LV,DEN,LAC,KC) just pick one...and How about those Chargers, they seem pretty legit. All of these teams are playing at a high level.

AFC NORTH: The Cincinnati Bengals are 3-1! YES you heard that correctly they are 3-1 along with the Ravens and Browns. Which means the Pittsburgh Steelers @ 1-3 are officially the NEW Cleveland Browns of the AFC North.

AFC South: Lets be honest this division BLOWS! sorry Titans fans, that's all I got for this division.

So to bring this to a close here are my OFFICIAL Top 5

1.Arizona Cardinals
2.L.A. Rams
3.Buffalo Bills
4.Dallas Cowboys
5.Tompa Brady Buccaneers