Omni (WSN)

Jan 5, 2022

The LA Rams are now 12-4 and can rise no higher. Due to a loss to the Green Bay Packers, even if the Packers tie with a record of 13-4, the Packers win the tiebreaker based on their head-to-head victory over the team earlier in the season.

That means that a Week 18 victory will not improve the seeding. But the LA Rams can lose ground with a loss in Week 18. While the Arizona Cardinals victory over the Dallas Cowboys in Week 17 blocked the team from locking up the NFC West Division Title, it did open the door to move up to the NFC second-seed. But a loss in Week 18, paired with an Arizona Cardinals win, the team will fall out of the second-seed and land at the fifth-seed, which is the top spot for a wild card team. The San Francisco 49ers are 9-7 and are fighting for their own playoff berth in their Week 18 matchup with the LA Rams. But much like the Rams, a loss could prove to be disastrous. If the 49ers lose and the New Orleans Saints win, they are eliminated from the NFL Playoffs. The Saints are favored to win on the road against the Atlanta Falcons. Both the offense and defense have improved since the two teams’ last encounter. The home team is on a five-game winning streak. The 49ers are 3-2 over the past five games. While they did beat a good Bengals team, they’ve lost to both the Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans. Head coach Sean McVay and the team need this win. If nothing else, winning this game, and clearing the slate of the mysterious 49ers’ recent mastery of the team, would be a huge momentum boost heading into the playoffs. 49ers 23-20 Rams.