Omni (WSN)

Jan 12, 2022

Don't look now, but the DeLorean has officially reached 88 mph in the lightning storm -- the Dallas Cowboys are hoping that means CeeDee Lamb will do the same on Sunday as one of what will need to be an onslaught of weaponry against the visiting San Francisco 49ers.

The matchup is a blast to the past, a salute to the 1990s when the premier NFC rivalry was these two clubs beating the hell out of each other en route to owning the NFL with several championships. Those teams produced a laundry list of Hall of Famers and defined the conference for the better part of a decade before the tide turned to the dominance of other teams. But fast forward to this January and the two will square off against each other in the postseason for the first time since the NFC Championship following the 1994 season, when the 49ers (13-3) hung a 38-28 final score around the neck of the Cowboys (12-4) en route to securing victory in Super Bowl XXIX over the San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers. So yes, the 49ers struck the last blow in the once blazing-hot rivalry, but it was simply payback for what happened before. One year prior, the Cowboys (12-4) thumped the 49ers (10-6) with a 38-21 drubbing and then went on to hand the Buffalo Bills a 30-13 loss in Super Bowl XXVIIi, invoking deja vu from the year preceding that one -- entering the postseason that year with a 13-3 record and walking past the 49ers (14-2) to hand the Bills a 52-17 obliteration in Super Bowl XXVII. Best season for the Cowboys but going for an upset here in this wild-card round. Cowboys 22-28 49ers.