Opening day in the NFL is upon us, what will this season have to offer?


Sep 8, 2021

When the Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kickoff the season Thursday it will be the beginning of the first ever 17 game slate in the NFL. What tasty stories await us in the ultimate reality TV show?

The 2021 NFL season is here and everybody is already picking their Superbowl favorites, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, and Buffalo. But just how many times in history has it played out exactly how the talking heads predicted? The NFL is the ultimate reality TV show that has many plot twists in the course of the long season, injuries will occur and superstars will be born. This is the one common thing that happens every season. Thursday night when the 2021 campaign kicks off 90% of the country will be predicting a Tompa Brady victory, and a return to the throne for the New Kings of the NFL, but we all know that in the NFL nothing is a garuantee, so sit back, rock your team colors and enjoy the ride, because Football season is upon us!!