Omni (WSN)

Oct 18, 2021

Team officials have recently discussed the possibility of introducing monetary repercussions for players who ask out, sources told B/R. Proposals have varied, but they largely center on something that would be a reverse trade kicker of sorts, where players can receive a maximum bonus of 15 percent of their salary if a team decides to move them.

Some team officials want to see a player who requests a trade forfeit upwards of 70 percent of his salary. Others have told B/R about what seems like a far more realistic scenario, where the player in question would only make 60 percent of his guaranteed money once he requests a new team. ow would it be determined who requested a trade? There are varying degrees of trade requests. Anthony Davis requested a trade from the Pelicans. But once they kept him past the trade deadline, he wanted to play for them while they wanted to sit him. New Orleans dealt him the next offseason. Paul George told the Pacers he’d leave in free agency once his contract ended the next year. Though he didn’t explicitly request a trade, that was transparently an attempt to induce a trade. Kristaps Porzingis reportedly wanted the Mavericks to trade him but never outright requested it. Josh Richardson encouraged the 76ers to trade him. J.R. Smith was asked by a reporter whether he wanted the Cavaliers to trade him and said yes. Trey Burke distanced himself from his father pushing online for the 76ers to trade the guard. Benchwarmers request trades all the time. Teams often try to comply, not wanting to hold a player hostage when he isn’t earning minutes. Though there usually isn’t a market, sometimes there is.