Madden 22 Scouting Update Delayed til Mid October and what this means for CCFL Premium


Sep 20, 2021

The scouting update for Madden 22 has been delayed until mid-October, and with this news means that we will continue the current CCFL Season until completion.

Once the Scouting Update drops in October we will be conducting a reset and CCFL #1 will go premium. What does this mean for current subscribers? When the league resets subscribers will have 1st pick of all available NFL teams, also all important news regarding CCFL #1 premium will be posted here on the website in the forums.

Non-subscibers will still be able to participate in CCFL#1 , but will not be elgible to recieve any of the rewards that subscibers recieve: Superbowl Trophy, Conference Championship Trophy,Coach of the Year Trophy, Holiday event attribute boosts, SGNHUB Gear, and cash rewards. Non-Subscribers who do win the Superbowl will receive a free 1 Season-Pass to CCFL premium. We will be rolling out more information the closer we get to the release of the scouting update.

There has also been a change to the Advance schedule in both CCFL#1 and #2.

Tuesdays @ 11:59pm EST
Thursday @ 11:59pm EST
Saturday @ 11:59pm EST

This change was made to promote more games being played on Friday evenings and to avoid conflict with the Saturday and Sunday College/NFL schedule.

The delay of the Scouting update has definately been a let down as we were hoping to start the true SGNHUB CFM experience, but you all can be assured that we are more than ready to deliver the most immersive CFM experience that you will find anywhere out there on the net. We have only revealed a fraction of what you can expect from participating in a SGNHUB League.