Is WWE's power grip on wrestling finally over?


Sep 21, 2021

With viewing numbers falling week to week for all WWE promotions it would appear that maybe time has finally caught up with the Wrestling juggernaut?

Vince McMahons grip on the wrestling world seems to be losing its hold with the thunderdome eras low numbers and Covid-19 protocols in place it would make one think WWE had a bad year, but despite all the adversity somehow the company had its most profitable year to date even in the midst of a pandemic. However, now we are witnessing the rise of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) accompanied with mass firing throughout the WWE roster. Like they say one mans trash is another mans treasure, and now these top fired WWE stars are turning up in AEW once their contracts have expired with their former employer. With the likes of CM Punk, Adam Cole , and Daniel Bryan going to AEW the Wrestling industry has had a much needed and massively deserved face lift.Lets see what the future holds for wrestling dare I say a return to the days of WCW vs WWE? One can only hope as a fan of the sport.