Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions/ NFL Game -Week 4 Predictions

Omni (WSN)

Sep 28, 2021

You may look at the results from this weekend and ask yourself how the Bears are favorites.

Well, had Marquise Brown been able to catch for the Ravens, we would not have needed to witness the magic from Justin Tucker that we saw against Detroit. The Lions were not all that good in Week 3; then again, the Bears were dreadful. This game could be an ugly matchup where Chicago’s defense needs to be the difference until the Bears can get Justin Fields comfortable. Yet another road game the Lions should at least be competitive in, their issues at the skill positions could very well hamper them against a good Bears defense. I am also not too sure how well D’Andre Swift will do going up against a solid Chicago defensive front. He must have a huge season against defenses playing out against the run. I just don’t see it in this one. This game is going to be a grit & grind but I see it ending in Chicago's favors. I predict the Bears 28-20 Lions.