Omni (WSN)

Jan 8, 2022

Fresh off his release from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, wide receiver Antonio Brown had a lot to say Friday, airing out his frustrations on everything from how the Buccaneers handled his ankle injury on Sunday to his relationship with Tom Brady being based on a shared interest in winning.

"To me, a friend is someone who's got your back," Brown said on the "Full Send Podcast" on Friday. "Not everybody in sports is going to be your friend. Tom Brady's my friend why? Because I'm a good football player. He needs me to play football. People have different meanings of what friendship is." Brown's comments about Brady were a sharp deviation from what he has said in the past, likening the seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback to a "big brother" and calling him a "role model" after Brady twice invited Brown to move in with him, first with the New England Patriots and then in Tampa Bay. "I mean, you can't really expect anyone to be your friend in the business of football," Brown said in a separate interview Friday on "Tapped In Daily" on Clubhouse. "The game is football but our business is winning. Me and Tom Brady have something in common with winners. We like winning. We like to compete. We like to be the best. So we got that in common. That's what makes me want to be around him, that's what makes us play together, that's what makes us jell, that brings out greatness."