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The Bucks are Champions but What’s Next?

By thecaptain1945

Milwaukee has just come off of a huge championship drought after winning it all this year, but is there more? I’m just as excited as everyone else for the Bucks to win a title, but the greats know, celebrate today, and start practice tomorrow. I’m looking into what the Bucks need to do to repeat in this article. For me, I prioritize shooting even more and spread the floor for Ganiasi. Players like Avery Bradley, Gordon Hayward, and Victor Oladipo come to my mind first. They also lost as it stands Pj tucker and Bobby Portis.

        Bradley and Victor are two solid guards who can defend and play with or without the ball in their hands well. The Bucks don’t lack starters, they lack depth and with Bradley they can get that at a cheaper rate. Even someone like Tim Hardaway who is taller, got ball skills, and can would be a solid addition. I think the Bucks have a really good shot at making another deep playoff run next season. On the flip side of that the teams will more than likely be more healthy across the league. They will need to add to that bench in order to compete.

      A solid starter in Pj is unlikely to sign back as well this offseason. To a casual fan or stat watcher Pj is just a dude who is okay. Us real fans know exactly why it’s not easy to watch a man like him walk away. In my opinion it’s gonna be hard to replace what PJ brought and the pay. I think with the look of things Serge Ibaka would be a solid player to fill in. He can do most the things Pi does and some he can’t just doesn’t bring that grit and energy you get from Tucker.



Unvaccinated Players

By thecaptain1945

Reports from the NFL have been released and basically dividing vaccinated players and non. I see this as totally unfair and unjust in my opinion. While I understand the point of the vaccine it is our rights as Americans to make a choice, this is with any vaccine. I have met people in my life that have never been given a vaccine and have the strongest immune systems. Yes there are people who have horrible illness problems too if they don’t receive vaccines. This to me is unfair for players and us as Americans.

 I am pro-choice to do whatever you want. For me it should be the same, regardless of vaccine or not, on the punishment you face for breaking certain rules. A vaccinated player will only be tested 14 times a season while an unvaccinated will be tested 140 times a season. That’s just ridiculous in my eyes. If the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting Covid-19, and it doesn’t reduce the chances of it by much at all, why do I need it? Everyone has their own opinion, and I’m an open person but I’ve yet to read anything or be told anything that makes me feel it’s a necessity. All and all it’s a right to be able to make a choice. It’s unjust to punish players for a choice in something as small as if they are vaccinated or not.


Paid College Athletes

By Saltysniper

This is very long overdue for the NCAA. When I was in college I wrote an article about college athletes needing to be paid. In my mind this should have been a thing a long time ago. I never will understand how the NCAA was able to rob people of money like this and it was okay. College teams like Alabama, who brought in a revenue of 44 million off these players' names and likeness, tried to claim that a scholarship was more than enough.


 At face value this might be true, but when you  look into these scholarship rules you will understand that it isn’t equal compensation. One reason is these scholarships can easily be pulled from the athletes for something as simple as an injury or not performing as expected. When you look at it that way, think about if a player who gets hurt making money for the school gets his scholarship pulled then they have nothing to show for except injury and a bunch of debt. 


 From my point of view this was one of the greatest, long overdue, things the NCAA has done in awhile. Prior to this they were seeing a shift in how players handled college. For example, in the world of college hoops, young stud players were going to the NBA G-League or overseas to play so they could get that year of experience like you get in college basketball, but were getting paid at the sametime.


 Finally paying these young kids was smart on their end because at the rate things were going young players were not gonna compete in college but in semi-pro leagues instead to make revenue.  The NCAA has some mistakes they still need to fix, but big picture view, this is a step in the right direction of being a better company.



Sha’Carri Richardson

By thecaptain1945

 I’ll start off this article by saying you’re probably not gonna like my opinion on this. I understand that weed isn’t that big of a deal and is treated like a harsh drug when it’s not. With that being said, it doesn’t matter what you think, there are rules that are expected to be abided by. She didn’t follow this rule and is disqualified, and to me it’s that simple. People will argue that men turned women are allowed to compete and people using steroids have been allowed to as well.


 My argument for this is, if you try to compare a wrong doing to a wrong doing you’re looking at it incorrectly. Men should not be allowed to compete as women even after the surgery and other people who have skated by with similar things should have been disqualified as well. I understand that it doesn’t seem fair she got disqualified for something like this, but if it’s in the rules that THC is prohibited then in my mind she is rightly disqualified. When you apply for a job and you get drug tested cannabis isn’t allowed in  some states so they won’t hire you if you test positive. For me this is black and white, if you break rules the punishment should always be disqualification.

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Number change Rule in the NFL, another money grab?

By thecaptain1945

   Recently, the NFL has allowed every player the ability to choose any number they would like. Now this makes sense considering it’s just a number, but what about the fans? Some NFL fans can’t afford to run out and re-buy their favorite players jersey, because they decided to change there number. This rule isn’t fair to the fans in this aspect of things. I get that it isn’t just about what fans think and want, but at the same time who do they think generates all of the revenue for their business?

  This rule could have been implemented differently to keep fans in mind. One idea I thought that made sense was allow players like rookies and newly signed or traded players to be whatever number, but have the players, such as JK dobbins, who have remained on the same team keep their numbers. At the end of the day it’s good to allow the players to choose numbers freely but to totally dismiss the fans is crazy, considering your business revenue is based off them.


Unnatural shooting motion

By thecaptain1945

  For the past couple years we have seen various players like James and Harden drawing shooting fouls. This was done by jumping into players and making there shot change to lean into the foul. The NBA has finally taken notice and came out with a rule change for this. The rule will not bail players out and hand feed them easy free throws. I have always considered this an eye soar and didn’t approve of it. For me it made the defense that much harder than the rules already make it.


 I grew up being a defensive player and making my living stopping the best player on the opposing team. To see the NBA pushing away from an only offensive minded league gives me a smile. I think it’ll change a lot of the way certain players score. Someone like Trae Young or James Harden might see there point average drop because of the lack of free throw attempts they will get per game. In the end I think this will make the games more watchable for fans, which is what makes the league what it is.

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NBA Injuries

By thecaptain1945

  The NBA has had nothing short of an abnormal season. The NBA tipped off this year on December 22 2020 rolling off a shortened off season. This brings me to the next point which is the immense amount of players, especially superstar players suffering injuries this season. The players were very displeased with the shortened rest time. Players like Lebrn James have been openly displeased and voiced their opinion.


 The players are blaming the shortened off season as the reason for the amount of star injuries. There were a reported 2,909 injuries this season with 72 games played and that is the next highest rate to the 2017-2018 season with 3,038 reported injuries. I understand the business aspect and the need for the revenue to pay for the players salary tags. At the sametime they are still humans and deserve to be treated as such instead of looked at as profit.


 The additive to this is people don’t enjoy watching reserve players be on the floor as compared to the superstars they own the jersey’s of. Players are even going as far to say this year the best team will not be who the finals champ is but who the healthiest team is. It’s hard as a fan to watch knowing that the players are just getting hurt at such a high rate. I think the NBA should have given the players a longer rest and only went with a shorter season, like 60 games or even as low as 52. At the end of the day the fans pay for big name players to be on the floor not for the 12th man and this season due to injuries they have had to watch the healthiest team survive instead of the best



NCAA Video Games

By Saltysniper

 It’s here the time you’ve all been waiting for. EA sports has announced that NCAA video games will be coming back! Fans asking about possible return of the game year after year was seeming as if it was a lost cause, but after 8 long years of no NCAA football games they’re finally trying to figure out how to deal with athletes NIL (Name, image and likeness). If you asked me the solution would be PAY THEM! Genius right? Now I know EA Sports doesn’t have a bottomless pit of money, but at the same time I know they’re a million dollar company. This is part of the reason high school athletes have been going in different directions in recent years. You’ve seen a lot more one and done college athletes or the athletes simply go straight to the minor leagues of their respected sport where they get paid immediately. 


 Now with all that being said EA has said that the game won’t be out in stores for at least a couple more years. A leaked document says the release of the game won't be until at least July 2023. Even if the game doesn’t come out for a couple of years this definitely has college football fans ecstatic. They have so much potential with what they can do with the game and EA has a lot of us on our knees begging they don’t ruin it like the recent Madden games. In my eyes it can easily break records and become one of the best selling sports games on release date.