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NBA2K 22 updates


8/12/21 TEAKED

What’s up everybody,
TEAKED here with another update in regards to NBA 2K22! We have officially received another update via the 2K website and other social media platforms. Pictured above this article is an image of the content(s) that you will receive, digitally. Within the Pre Ordered NBA 75th Anniversary Edition you will receive an abundance of digital bonus content. Such as, 3 exclusive my team cards of the cover athletes, exclusive MyPark Tees, Virtual Currency, and many more! This upcoming NBA 2K22 release has gamers at the edge of there seat. Asking the question, will 2K revive not only the gameplay but as well as the community they had for them in prior releases?  Or will 2K22 be another carbon copy, money grabbing video game that will gain little to no traction. Overall, as more updates continue to drop before the release date, we at SGNHUB are anticipating on getting a first look into the in-game mechanics very soon. But for now, the hype sure is real!

NBA 2K22 Soundtrack Release


 8/4/21 by TEAKED

When you think of basketball many thing may come to mind. You may think of the many athletes the NBA has, from Lebron to Stephen Curry. You may also think about all the sneakers each player might wear, such as the Kobe 11s or newer releases. You may even think about the history behind the NBA, from legendary players like Wilt Chamberlain to even the likes of, Bullets Legend Wes Unseld.


 Every year, there is a reoccurring theme before the release of each NBA 2K, that theme you may ask? Is the announcement of soundtracks. The most underrated, but important release of them all. Some may know this, but others may not. The music and pop culture that surrounds our generation and past generations go hand to hand in the NBA. Music goes much deeper than people think, it’s a way of bringing people together. As of August 4th, at 10am EST time , NBA 2K has officially launched a list of artists that will have users bump up there speakers and jam out while in game…or just chilling in the menu. The wide variety of artists include popular rappers and singers such as, Travis Scott, Juice World, The Game, and many more!


 This new release of NBA 2K seems to have all the hype and excitement behind it! It’s all about first impression, so far this first look into what type of music will be in the game is amazing. Music is just one aspect of NBA 2K, the other is gameplay. Ultimately its up to the developers to leave a lasting impression on the consumers when they first launch the game.  For more of a detailed look into who will be featured in the soundtrack list, look at the image below! Anyways, here’s to another year of NBA 2K and here at The SGNHUB promise to keep you updated with all new releases and game updates that surround this ever so popular basketball game


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SGNHUB Taking nba2k basketball MYleague                online to the next level



 This is SGNHUB Basketball! The objective of SGNHUB 2K League is special. Since this is a SIM League, designed for PC Users specifically catered to those who enjoy a real life basketball feel. No My Team Game-play or Spamming in this League is allowed, We promote PURE Basketball play and hold users to a high standard. Our goal is to make this league enjoyable for many, as well as making people feel apart of this ever-so expanding community. By following SGN League rules, and purchasing the $4.99 Premium fee, users will be eligible to participate and receive all benefits across ALL SGNHUB leagues, which include and are not limited too cash prizes and trophies. 

 First, I would like to address the elephant in the room and probably a concern of some of the people pondering joining SGNHUB Basketball for a monthly fee of $4.99. There are several reasons behind the $4.99 a month fee. OR YOU CAN PAY $10 FOR 1 SEASON.

1. This allows us to provide our users with amazing rewards and prizes for simply participating in ANY of our leagues
2. Subscription style leagues/games tend to weed out those who are not fully engaged in the league/game. This equals less games being played against CPU's and more players/owners who are committed to their teams (trades, drafts, RPG elements). Basically it's just provides a better overall experience for all league members

3. Our leagues have a weekly podcast that covers all league stats, coach interviews, makes predictions, and provides highlights from games played in the league. By doing so, this adds another layer of emersion to our leagues. While, also giving users an enjoyable experience where they can play the role of being a coach/owner in an online mode. 

4. SGNHUB 2K has it's own dedicated webpage for participants to follow along and read articles about their games and to track the progress of their team and players. While, also merging in real life stats and information that is centralized around basketball. 

5. The $4.99 a month fee is not only for this SGNHUB 2K League. SGNHUB also will be running other Sports title leagues that will provide the same experience and Rewards! Which include and are not limited too NBA2K, WWE2K ,Esports Boxing Club,  FIFA, and many more games coming down the line. Bi-Monthly loot boxes and many other perks are also included in the different subscription models. So you're not just paying $4.99 for a simple 'ol league. The benefits outweigh the fee, this is the most Bang for you buck that you will ever receive!

Whenever you are ready to join, we are welcome with open arms.


Stay tuned More Coming !