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Madden 22 What is this? My guess more of the same

 7/31/21 by Smokinjay

  Let's see what this years installment of Madden 22 has to offer us. It has almost become common place that EA has snubbed those who understand how the game of football really works in favor of a dumbed down kiddy version of the complex game. Now, I am quite aware of how difficult it must be to replicate real football in a video game, but lets be honest this game has been stuck in this same mode since 2005 as far as innovation goes. The #1 problem is that EA refuses to build a Football game engine from the ground up that is specifically coded for their game! What's their excuse? Lack of funds? Lack of manpower? Lack of tech? The answer is "NO" to everyone of these questions.











  Rather than do the work to bring Madden to where it should be in 2021, they would prefer to just grab the ole Frostbite engine which practically every game that EA produces runs on, and why? because it's cheap and they already have the individuals in-house that are familiar with the engine. The Madden football franchise was launched in 1989! Think about that 19 freakin 89! and in 2021 this is what we are playing. In 1989 almost nobody had a cell phone, now everybody does and MADDEN still has broken zone coverage???? WTF. There are games out there that have some of the best A.I. we have seen yet, and guess what? Madden still has broken zone coverage!! Why?

  Well, let me tell you why, catering to the casual gamer has become the in thing to do for the quick money grab. Keeping little Johnny from thinking to hard has become the in thing to do. Implementing micro-transactions (I'm looking at you MUT Heads) has become the in thing to do. I find nothing more hilarious than watching the Madden Championships every year and seeing people compete that know ZERO about football. Madden with all the MONEY they have fleeced the public for over the years should be able to provide a football experience for each level of their consumers. The MUT/Style (Arcade) crowd should be allowed to have their mode and for god's sakes us SIM style players who understand football should be able to have our experience. Let's stop dumbing things down and make a true HIGH learning curve football experience. The only way to do this is to build an engine that is specifically made for football, there is no short cut. I for one would be fine with EA giving Madden a 3-4 year break as they build a Football engine. Honestly has anyone out there noticed any major difference from Madden 18-22? *crickets*.

 Those of us out here that run CFM's are tired of running leagues with 10,000 rules just because your game is broken EA, and what's even worse is you have a bunch of kiddies out there thinking they are the next Bill Belichick's because your game is broken. Hopefully, with the return of 2K to the football arena you guys at EA get your act together!! Hell you've only had 32 years to make a game that actually represents football.


Madden 22 pc news and updates




7/17/21 by Quozzy91

Well, I could just talk all negative about how we don’t get all the next gen toys, but lets put a positive spin on it. First and foremost, franchise gets a huge update finally! Right? So for starters scouting, to me is the worst part of the past several Maddens by a longshot (no pun intended). This year you can now scout in regions and focus on certain players, archetypes, and from the brief info we have received it seems you can actually get bonified studs from generated draft classes. That update is "supposed" to be dropping in September. Now what exactly are we getting from day one? They're actually adding gameday planning to ensure you have to worry about player health ,there energy, and how much you use a certain player. Not only from week to week ,but in the middle of the game . For example: Lets say Derrick Henry has 20 plus runs in the first half alone, this would fatigue him and he will be slower in the second half.  EA has even gone as far as adding halftime adjustments ,"Like Whoa". Now I cant speak on gameplay, which for myself is the most important thing.  As the title says we're on PC ,and we did not have access to the beta. My sources tell me it feels great, and they have actually updated the beta so my outlook is positive. We now know the PC version will be last gen which means none of the "Next Gen Stats" or "Dynamic Gameday." So we fully expect people to say this version of madden on PC is going to be terrible, but WE here at SGN are going to bring you the best simulation style football on the digital gridiron!! So if that interest you click on the subscription button become a member today.

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