Will battlefield 2042 live up to the hype?



By Quozzy91


  Well, from what I have seen so far, I believe yes!! It can live up to the hype. They have gone back to their roots and just went back to what everyone wants from the classic battlefield 3 and 4 era. I just have to point to the reveal trailer and just the over the top stuff you can do that was demonstrated in it. Let’s start with new stuff; the player count has been raised to 128, the maps are the largest they have ever been! Even the backbone of battlefield conquest mode has been changed. The maps are so big that the objectives are split into 2 zones! Holy cow! Now you must capture both zones to own the objective. That’s how big the maps are in this impressive outing, also they’re implementing the crisis weapon system where you can equip and unequip attachments to your gun while on the fly as well. 2042 has gone away from generic soldiers of the past. They have now replaced them with specialists that have different abilities, and that’s just what we know as of this moment. So definitely come back here in July after EA Play, for a huge update! Make sure you keep checking here at SGNHUB for all your Battlefield 2042 coverage.

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