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About Us


Offering the best of both worlds, competitive gaming and the old school LAN experience with friends.


SGNHUB provides an inclusive diverse gaming/pop culture community that offers group/friend findings for multiple titles spanning from FPS's to Sports games for ongoing unique in-game experiences created by SGNHUB as well as members of the community. Sports Gaming Network HUB will also have exclusive interviews from influencers from every genre out there! and also covering real world events through our podcast and this website.

Our Passion

Sports Gaming Network HUB (SGNHUB) was created and is run by PC gamers who enjoy the Sim experience in all sporting titles. When we speak of the sim experience we are talking about from game play to the shows/websites that accompany the real world counterpart. With the combination of our Leagues YouTube podcasts , League Websites, and Heavily monitored SIM style play Leagues that provide owners/users with real rewards (Trophies, Cash prizes, Merch) we hope to give our users the best community driven interactive Leagues anywhere on the net. The trophies and league are only a fraction of what we will be providing, because at  OUR CORE we are also passionate PC gamers that found that there is really no all inclusive platform/community for PC gamers to interact. .

SGNHUB is the "Sports Gaming Network HUB! This Website is the hub to all things PC online gaming related, in a league or persistent format. 

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This Discord channel will also serve as the host for the playing and viewing of all streamed championship events from all our partnered Discord league channels. SGN will also have monthly giveaways for members of this network.


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